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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hacking Covet Fashion - Is it possible

Covet fashion is a popular game and even expanding among the girls and this has been played for numerous time lately. There are more than more than 2 million downloads of the game in the Android store lately which defines the popularity of the game.

The game is developed by the California based developers who reside in the Burlingame.

The 44 MB game does not require a high lot of configuration and could be played in Android devices with 2.3.3 versions and up which makes the device available even in the older devices.

Hacking Covet Fashion

The game produces in app purchase which could boost the development very quick and because of which people look for hacking the game and then improve their progress real quick. Although there is nothing that could not be hacked, however it may require a lot of effort.

A Covet fashion hack tool is one example which could be found in google and it claims that this will help you hack the game.

However I am not very much sure that if this game could be hacked, because hacking into the game needs penetration into the game server database which makes it real difficult. Mostly these type of games which needs internet access and syncs regularly with the developer server is really difficult to hack.

People may look in to the real quick ways to progress into the game, however my suggestion would be to take it in a normal way in order to proceed. And if you want a real faster way to progress in the game, you should probably use the in-app credits which would respect the developer.

The game which you are planning to hack has more than 100000 reviews in the android app store and out of which, more than half of them are 5 stars. The average rating of the game is 4.0 which suggests the users have a good experience with the game. 

The game has almost 100 thousand fans in the facebook who seek for regular updates of the game and tricks and tips.

Although I do not have any personal experience with the game for hacking, I would suggest not to waste time to search for the hack of the game. This means like other games' hacks, for example clash of clans, boom beach, people may try to look into your emotions to make money for themsevles, so you must be able to find out if they are genuine if you want to hack them.

The game could also be played in Facebook and they are more than 100,000 active users in the social media apps where people play and enjoy this beautiful fashion game.

The alexa ranking of the Covet Fashion official website is around 600 thousand which is not an impressive figures, however why do gamers need to visit the official website, when they are frequently busy in the gaming devices which is a mobile smart phone in this case.

Best of luck with the hacking process, if you have any decent history on hacking, please use the comment box below to share your experience with visitors who might be willing to know the process.


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