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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Resham Filili Release Date - Nepali movie

Resham Filili is one of the most awaited movie ever in Nepalese industry and the release date of the movie is set at April 24, 2015.

The marketing policy of the movie has been so much successfully awesome that people are desperate to watch the movie and even before the release, the movie has been hit.

The song Jaalma was one of the reason for success. It not only hit total views of more than 2 million, the songs are made in different versions and became viral.

The reason that the song was loved, because of which people were desperate to watch the trailer of the movie. However the production company was very cleaver not to release the trailer until they released a comedy teaser which even made the desperation worse. People were literally talking about the movie and the mount to mount automatic promotion was helping the team.

Then just before three weeks of the release date, the trailer was revealed and it got more than 2 lakhs views in two days.

The movie is certain to break the record of most grossing Nepalese movie loot. Successful marketing has led the movie to be hit even before the release which is expected in April 24.


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