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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nepali Bloggers that make some income online

There are different many ways you could make money online and blogging is one of the many people choose.

Although Nepal may be a country with very less opportunity in the internet with online international payment being the barrier for many bloggers and online Entrepreneurs, people always make their way.

There are many different bloggers that make money through the internet in Nepal and unbelievably, some make real money in a huge amount.

One of them is Aashish Bista, a Biratnagar citizen who makes different blogs and specially focused on Nepalese niche. He has been blogging since 10 years almost now and makes living out of money.

The other blogger that makes money from Nepal has started a blog where he shares his ideas on making real income online. The blog where he will be experimenting and sharing his experiences of the tests publicly through the blog.

There are many other bloggers that I know, however I do not feel good to share their name. Apart from blogging , people have been involved in selling their own programs online. One of which is who made a huge income and even donated in Nepalese helpNepal network from which he was revealed.

There may be different known and unknown bloggers, there are different online entrepreneurs, at least I have met many in my seven years of blogging that has given me different knowledge and help me earn something to make a pocket money out of myself.


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